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Thick Top Block Solid Pine Dining Table
1200 x 900 table PRICE $750
other sizes also available


Thick Top Block Table 7 piece set
Table 1800 x 900 with 6 chairs
PRICE from $1595
from $2450 in Oak Hardwood


Tenterfield Solid oak Dining Table
1500 x 900 table PRICE $2200
other sizes also available


Block Table and Bench set
Table 1200 x 900 with 2 benches.
Other sizes available.

other sizes also available


Princeton Solid Timber Dining Table
1800 x 900 table PRICE $665
other sizes also available



Viva  Square Solid Timber Dining Table
1000 x 1000 table
PRICE $490
other sizes also available


Viva oak Extension Dining Table                                                  
1500 x 900 table Closed Opens to 2000
PRICE $2200 Non extention $1050

other sizes also available
(minimum size 1200 wide)

    Colonial Round oak Dining Table
Available in:
900w $750
1050-1200w $1500
  fold out pine dining table   Dropside Table
370-1200w x 600d table
PRICE $495
  3pice table  kids set  

Kids table & chair set
550h x 750w x 630d
PRICE $299 finished or $199 RAW

Kids furniture


Dining Table sets are created by using a few simple steps:

1st  Choose your table size and style.
2nd Choose your chair style.
3rd Choose pine or oak timber (prices shown are for pine)
4th Choose your colour.
How easy is that!!!




Dining tables have become one of the quintessential furniture found in every household. One cannot even begin to imagine homes that don’t have dining tables with them as this is where you, your friends as well as your guests will be dining. This is the reason why homeowners often find it necessary to get dining tables as one of their very first furniture purchase. Furthermore, this makes it even more interesting to know what the story behind these dining tables. A dining room table in modern times is usually found adjacent to the kitchen for convenience in serving. However, in medieval times you will often find them on an entirely different floor level. Large dining table equipped with a number of dining chairs is what a fully furnished dining room would look like historically. What's more, the most common table shape is generally rectangular with two armed end chairs and an even number of un-armed side chairs along the long sides. A lot of dining tables follow the same rule however, with certain changes and innovation to keep them stylish and relevant up to this present day and age. Habitat Furniture Warehouse is able to provide just that with local furniture in Sydney made from solid pine timber. A variety of dining tables are able right from the get go at our online store. Here you will find dining tables in different lengths and styles. Choose between a 6 seater dining table or even longer or shorter depending on your preference and taste. If you have children with you, kid’s furniture set is perfect as it sports kids table with a matching chair set for them to use. You will find no shortage of dining tables over Habitat Furniture. We provide furniture to our customers around Marrickville, Earlwood, Ashfield, Hurstville, Croydon, Burwood and most of the Canterbury district. You can visit us personally at 36-38 Canterbury rd Hurlstone Park NSW 2193 (corner Crinan st). You can also get in touch with us through telephone hotline 02 9558 4811, fax number 02 95584833 or email address habitatfurniture@bigpond.com. Here you can contact us for free measure and quote.

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