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Princeton Solid Pine Wine Rack
990h x 740w x 260d
Fits 30 bottles
PRICE $395


Tuscan Solid Timber Wine Rack
990h x 570w x 270d
Fits 30 bottles
PRICE $395


Tall Solid Pine Tuscan Wine Stand
1800h x 500w x 320d
PRICE $495


Princeton Wine Rack with Drawers
1050h x 1060w x 320d
PRICE $740




Wine Racks for Sale Sydney - Habitat Furniture Warehouse is an Australian made constructed from solid pine and are available in a variety of stains. We can also make to measure. Please call us for a quote. All measurements are approximate & prices are subject to change. Colours may vary to those seen on this website. Please ask to see our colour samples when choosing your product.

It is common for homeowners to store some exquisite and fine wine for themselves as well as prepare one for their guests. In such cases, it is best to purchase these wines in advance to be able to serve them at any given time or when the needs calls for them to do so. There are a huge number of people today who purchase wine on a day to day regular basis making them quite popular in the industry. With wines being sold on a regular basis, people will need to find an appropriate storage place to keep them in check. This is especially true for customers who purchase wines in bulk orders as they won�t be able to consume all of them in one sitting. This is where wine racks becomes quite a handy piece of furniture to acquire as they are able to store wines in a convenient and timely manner allowing you to sort and organize them out without the fear of them falling apart. A wine rack in its simplest form is a device that stores and organizes wines. Wine racks can be built out of a number of different materials which include wood, plastic, metal, stainless steel and wrought iron. Wood however, is the most popular material when it comes to wine rack production. The reason behind it is that wood can be easily obtained and is very workable. Wood also provides a contemporary design to these wine racks. You can find wine racks made from pine and timber at Habitat Furniture that is available in different sizes. For wine enthusiasts and collector alike, they may prefer a bigger wine rack to store their collection and showcase it to their friends and guests or they can purchase 2 or more separate wine racks depending on their choice. You will find no shortage of wine racks at Habitat Furniture in Sydney. We are only a few minutes drive away from Marrickville, Rockdale, Campsie, Belmore, Haberfield, Leichhardt, Burwood, Dulwich Hill, Lewisham or other Sydney inner west suburbs making our products and services easy to come by.