When did we go away from honouring our own, by not choosing to buy Australian? In this island-state, we used to purchase things manufactured locally, cars, clothes and food for example. Furniture was another locally manufactured item that found its way into our homes and businesses. Then, we were told by our governments and economists, that we lived in a global economy and subsidies went the way of the Tasmanian Tiger. So too, did much of our manufacturing industry, and it is only, now, that we are seeing the re-emergence of some selected quality manufacturing in areas like furniture production.

Choosing Designer Australian Furniture Is A Win-Win

Designer furniture made in Oz, from quality timber, ticks all the boxes, because it not only looks and feels great, it is supporting other working Australians. There are talented furniture designers living and working in this country. Together with equally skilled cabinetmakers, they are producing innovative and well-made furniture. Beautiful dining tables and chairs that make a home something special. Tasmanian oak tables that bespeak quality. Hand-made furniture lovingly crafted by highly skilled artisans. Choosing designer Australian furniture is a win-win for everybody.

In the bedroom, ensembles can include chests and bedsides, wardrobes, beds and storage boxes. These elegant pieces offer a tranquillity befitting of this sanctuary where you and your loved one sleep. Our beds are such an important part of our lives, upon which we spend a great deal of our lives asleep. Getting the right bed can go a long way to ensuring a happy and contented life. Many of us neglect this sleepy realm and the stage on which we surrender our consciousness to the sandman. Make sure that you get a good Aussie built and designed bed; it can help you avoid insomnia and nightmares, along with not eating pickles before bed.

Contemplating the whirls of the natural wood grain…

For many Australians, work follows them home, and/or they choose to work from home. The study and a good desk becomes vital to their success. A designer desk, built from Pine or Tassie Oak, can allow the natural expression of your talents to shine. Your working space should be inhabited by furniture that inspires you to achieve, to concentrate and love your work. Beautiful timber can speak to your soul and soothe you through the challenging times. Running your hand over its polished surface can calm the agitated mind. Contemplating the whirls of the natural wood grain can be akin to gazing into a woodfire. Let your Australian designed furniture support you in your lifestyle.