Frequently asked Questions

FAQs – Habitat Furniture Warehouse Pre-furniture Purchase:

What can I expect from your store?
Great service! We are owner operated so you will be dealing with someone that cares. Also expect fantastic prices, great quality and locally made produce. Yum!
Oh and did we mention that we can make to measure?

Is the store owner operated?
Yes its is, becasue it’s the only way you will get great service! Come in and speak to Dana, who is the owner there. She is just as passionate as the original founders of this business were. Come in and discuss your furniture needs.

Are most of your products made here in Australia?
They certainly are! We proudly support Australian & Local industries! Read more about Australian made furniture

What timber is your furniture made from?
You have the choice of Pine and Tasmanian Oak timbers. All prices on our website are in Pine. Let us know if you require a quote in Oak. Difference between pine and oak stain outcomes also vary. Read more about staining furniture

What are some differences between Pine and Oak timbers?
Typical Characteristics:
Oak is a hardwood while pine is classed as softwood. This means that oak is heavier, more dense and is more wear resistant. Oak generally is light-coloured, ranging from straw to light reddish brown. It has warmer hues compared to pine. Whereas the colour of pine ranges from white to creamy white; to yellowish with a mixture of dark and light hues. Pine also has a reputation for exhibiting knots and other natural flaws. Most types of oak have a pronounced grain pattern than that seen in Pine. When you touch an oak door, you are likely to feel some type of texture because of its heavy grain, while a pine door will usually be smooth to the touch.
Oak tree grows very slowly while pine has a faster rate of growth. This characteristic influences the cost of each wood variety. Oak is much more expensive as growers invest a lot of time tending the tree. Since pine grows faster, growers are able to sell this wood variety at a cheaper price. You can justify spending more money on oak furniture as it is harder wearing than pine. However a great selling point for pine furniture is that it is more affordable.
There is a continued demand for pine furniture and for this reason pine plantations have been planted. Buying Pine furniture made from these plantations means you are helping to support the environment & helping to prevent pine from dying out. Oak is produced from public and private forests – not from rainforests. Careful management ensures a continuing source of quality timber without damage to the environment
There is no winner when comparing pine and oak furniture; both are equally beautiful and stylish. The diverse qualities that each one possesses need only be assessed so that you can ascertain the best wood for your home.
Click here to read more or more about pine

What Payment methods are available?
We accept most credit cards, EFTPOS & Cash in store. WE do not accept Cheques on Delivery

What Payment method is available on Delivery?
On Delivery Payment must be in cash. Credit cards and EFPTOS transactions are only processed in store & in person, prior to delivery.

Do you deliver & how much do you charge for deliveries?
We can delivery to most Sydney suburbs. Delivery charges vary according to your location.

Do you deliver interstate?
We are always flattered that people all over Australia love our furniture and want us to deliver it there. Unfortunately we cannot offer delivery outside of Sydney. There are several reasons for this. If you live too far away you cannot view items in real life. Therefore your expectations may differ to that in reality (see answer to next question below). Secondly we cannot offer insurance for damage during transport and, or, pay for transport to return items, should they require repair. Transporting furniture is not a courier’s job. You need to find people who are experienced in tying up, covering and protecting furniture. Remember our furniture is made locally in factories, already assembled, and not imported as unassembled items in boxes. Lastly transport, by such experienced professionals, is very costly. This is another reason we don’t offer this service. You would be better off trying to find similar products sold in your state.

Do you sell furniture online, or do I need to come to the store?
We do not offer online shopping as unlike electrical goods, clothing, shoes etc. no two items are ever identical. When you purchase a natural product it’s always best to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the product in real life. That way you know what to expect, rather than assume what it will look like in real life. Furniture Staining and colours are also something that cannot be conveyed properly via a photo and a computer screen. So we highly recommend you come in store to view the items. If you have already come to our store, have seen our furniture and have chosen the staining colour, then we have absolutely no problem to place an order via the phone to save you a second or third visit.

Are the sizes and measurements of furniture correct online?
Sizes are approximate and if you want an exact size its best to tell us your size limits OR measure the actual item in store. Sizes can vary from piece to piece, a little.

Are your prices online the same as in your store?
Yes they are, but sometimes we don’t update the online prices as promptly. In this case the in-store price is what you will be charged. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Are items available in any colour and timber? How does it effect prices?
There are many stains to choose from and prices are inclusive of stain or clear lacquer choice. If you opt for a different finish, such as a painted finish, Eg white, limewash etc…, then this is more expensive. See below in Staining-FAQs. If you change your timber from Pine to Oak, then is is more expensive as well. All prices are in pine and stained, unless otherwise stated.

How long does it take to receive my furniture once I have placed an order?
This depends on what you ordered. Generally items take anywhere from 2-5 weeks, but its best to ask this when placing your order. Time frames are always approximate & vary.

Do I need to assemble the furniture?
Except for Beds, accessories such as knobs, handles & clips for shelves, the answer is no. That’s the beauty of buying locally made products. They do not come in boxes and they do not need to be put together.

Should I measure my space before I make a purchase?
Yes! Firstly you need to ensure the product will fit into the space you intend it for. Secondly it’s important you measure entrances, hallways & doorways by which the item will enter the property. This is especially mandatory for items such as wardrobes that may be higher than a standard doorway.

Can you make to measure?
Yes we can. Our made to measure items are, by far, our most popular sold items, so we have a lot of experience in this.

I need something made to measure, do I need to provide you with sizes or can you come and measure for me?
We make to measure based on measurements you provide us with as we do not do “built in” furniture. We are more than happy to help you design something just come in with your measurements and tell us what you need.

What else do I need to know about made to measure items?
All measurements should be given some tolerance. We endeavour to stick to the given measurements as much as we can but please allow yourself some room for error. Read some Made to measure advice and how it works. View a small sampling of custom made furniture photos here, and more on our facebook page too

When is the best time to come in and discuss my ‘made to measure’ items?
Anytime, however it’s best to speak to either Kosta or Poppy, and you are more likely to get one of them, or both, in store Thursdays- Saturdays.

Staining- FAQs:

Will there be colour variation in my furniture/ suite of furniture?
Due to the natural variation within raw materials, and particularly the varying reaction of timber surfaces, it is not possible to achieve or guarantee total uniformity of colour within any one piece or suite of furniture. So the answer is yes. Please read about timber grain and stain variation to learn more . It may help you understand a little bit more about what it means to invest in a natural product.

I want to add some furniture to my existing suite but I don’t know the name of the colour, and I want the colour to match?
That’s Okay! Bring us a sample from your existing furniture and we will try to match it as close as possible. Even within our staining range the colour can vary, so providing us with a sample is still best.

Do you charge extra for colour matching & how close do you stain the colour according to my sample?
No, we do not charge!
Colour matching depends on many things and it’s never a true match. Factors such as natural light, ageing of wood, types of timber, the varying reactions of timber surfaces, the natural variations within raw materials and one’s own interpretation of colour effects the outcome.

Can you paint the furniture “white” instead of staining it? Also what’s the finish like?
Yes we can. All items are priced for staining/lacquering and painting them in a solid colour, a limewash or distressed painted finish does cost more. For those of you who would rather not spend the extra dollars why not buy the item “raw’ or unfinished and paint it yourself? Otherwise if you’re too busy, like myself, feel free to contact us for a quote.
The finish is a satin finish. Just keep in mind that when you paint solid timber in white, or any other colour, you will never get that perfect smooth finish. After all its still timber underneath, something you can’t really hide. Sometimes knotts/grain can even come or “bleed” through over time (ie become visible under the paint, usually yellowish in colour), especially if in direct sunlight, or as a natural reaction of timber grain/knotts with the paint. Our furniture is sealed properly, but natural reactions to paints/stains over time is something we cannot control.

Do you stain and finish the insides and backs of furniture?
The interior, is sprayed but not finished like the outside. All backing and tops and undersides of units are simply sealed. No colour is put here. The finish on the interior may display more natural imperfections, like cracks or knots or even staple holes and joinery, that may or may not be puttied up. Have confidence in the fact that this does not affect quality and longevity of your items. Things like hinges and metal runners may have stain or paint. Please understand in order for us to keep our fabulous prices we need to make make labour less intensive. Removing and re- fitting hinges and runners multiple times, just to spray furniture , increases costs. It has no bearing on quality, and if you’re fussed about this you will be charged more for the service, and only upon request of this service.


FAQs for Post Furniture Purchase

There’s timber knots and putty in my furniture, is this normal?
Yes, especially with pine. Please keep in mind all furniture has staples and knots in it. In turn these must be filled with putty. We do our best to make it look nice, but, as seen in our showroom, they will be there.

Why does colour variation occur within my furniture items?
Due to the natural variation within raw materials, and particularly the varying reaction of timber surfaces, it is not possible to achieve or guarantee total uniformity of colour within any one piece or suite of furniture. Each furniture piece has its own natural characteristics and no two pieces are ever alike. Please read this article about timber grain and stain variation. It may help you understand a little bit more about what it means to invest in a natural product.

I received some furniture and it wobbles, why?
There would be two main reasons for this: 1st something missing: Check all the areas under unit look the same. For example it may be as simple as a missing clip, under one foot/leg (Sometimes they can come off during transport). 2nd Uneven floors: We cannot do anything about your flooring and it is best solved with some packing (such as some cardboard pieces, or thin timber cut-outs) placed under the section which has a gap or space underneath it. You need to place them in the area where there’s more movement. A bit like a wobbly table at a restaurant. This usually resolves the issue for 99.99% of complaints regarding this.

I received some furniture and the top of the doors look uneven?
The main reason this happens is usually uneven floors. Even if your furniture doesn’t “wobble/rock”, due to uneven flooring, you’ll need to feel for this by pushing the top corners of your furniture (try each corner and even near the centre part) and observe if the doors even out whilst doing this. If so, then it requires some packing to even out the weight distribution of your furniture so the doors even out. This usually resolves the issue for 99% of complaints regarding this. Please try this first, then call us if your issue is not resolved.

Is timber furniture okay near direct sunlight, heat or dampness?
Pine or oak timbers are NOT for outdoor use. This would void any warranty. Usually direct sunlight and excessive heat are not good for solid timber furniture, in general. Try to keep blinds down and room temperature/humidity moderate, if this is unavoidable. Also, in relation to heat, please allow for proper ventilation of TVs, DVDs and other electronic devises. Excessive heat directly on timber surfaces may cause timber to split and stain to be damaged. Generally, wooden furniture is sensitive to damp conditions as it might lose its shape, gather mould and/or get discoloured. Even drawers can expand and contract with change in weather conditions.  Make sure that the furniture is not in a damp or extremely dry hot  place. See quick fix below for “sticky drawers”

How do I move furniture around when I want to clean behind/under it?
Lifting the furniture to and from a spot when rearranging would prevent dents and scratches on the sides and the bottom. Dragging them could cause damage to the joints/joining of the furniture.

Placing and moving objects on timber surfaces?
Lift objects to and from the surface instead of sliding them to prevent scratches on the wood. It is even a good idea to have felt on the bottom of an object before placing it down. Felts on figurines, vases etc… are a great idea.

Placing hot and cold items on timber surfaces?Hot and cold drinks and other items should not be placed directly on timber surfaces. That’s where you will benefit from the use of coasters. Placemats, coasters, table pads and runners help protect your timber surface and look great as well. Placing hot or cold items directly on timber surfaces will create white foggy marks on the surface from moisture damage inside the lacquer. The only way to fix this is by stripping and re-staining. Prevention is the key.

How do I clean my timber furniture?
Lifting objects to clean rather than dragging or sliding them out of the way to avoid scatches and dents. Try to avoid household cleaners that are not made for timber surfaces and use soft cloths, like microfiber cloths. Best way to clean is chemical free and just the cloth. For stubborn marks use a damp cloth and dry area immediately afterwards. Polish your furniture, with a recommended and good quality timber polish, every 6 months, and make sure it’s free from dust when you do so.

Any quick fix tips?
Sticky drawers – Generally, wooden furniture is sensitive to damp conditions as it might lose its shape, gather mould and/or get discoloured. Even drawers can expand and contract with change in weather conditions.  Make sure that the furniture is not in a damp or extremely dry place. For wood on wood drawers (those that do not have those roller things on them) glide the bottom of the drawers with wax paper, dry soap or a dry candle. If your drawers have expanded and they are on metal runners we would need to shave the drawer sides and then re-insert.
Scratches – A little touch up stain, felt tip marker or pen even shoe polish with a shade closely matching the furniture finish might do. Be careful and test in an inconspicuous place first.

What else do I need to know about taking care of my timber furniture?
Be careful to keep anything with chemicals and alcohols far away from your furniture. If you feel like giving yourself a manicure then please re-think before you put your nail varnish and nail polish removers on top of any timber surface. It will eat away at the stain. The only way to fix this is by stripping and re-staining.