When you consider that the average human being spends some 229 961 hours in their lifetime asleep in bed, that is around 25 years, the state of your bed is pretty important. You will spend only, just, over a year on the toilet in a lifetime. Four years doing housework (women only), just two weeks kissing a lover in a lifetime, six years eating, eleven years working, and fifteen years at school. These figures tell an interesting story about our lives; some sad tales and a sleep saturated existence. It is enough to make you roll over in your sleep and find a more comfortable position.

Choosing the Right Style of Bed to Complement a Bedroom

This becomes pretty darn important on the basis of these statistics. How many of us take enough time in choosing the right bed for ourselves and partners? How often do we review and update our beds during a lifetime? Are we paying enough attention to this crucial part of our existence? Too few, too little and no, to all of the above. Midnight Oil may have sung about “Beds Are Burning”, but it is more a case of serial neglect by the masses.

Beds must complement our sleeping lives and our bedrooms. These altars to Hypnos the ancient Greek god of sleep, who was the son of Nyx (night) and Erebus (darkness), are our portals to Somnus (sleep). Beds are sacred, in that they are places where we make love and enter the unconscious realm. They are structures, designed to carry us to altered states of bliss and oblivion. Did you know that lack of sleep will kill you? Some, also, say, that lack of physical love results in heart attack and mortality.

Treat your bed with respect and it will treat you with the same. Choose a bed, which complements these parts of your life. Wood is the obvious and well-trodden route to beddy -byes. A beautiful wooden bed frame, with headboard, is an ideal structure upon which to endow a comfortable mattress. Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms within your domestic abode. Your house is your home; and as above, so below. It reflects the many parts of you, the rooms within your mind. Your bed lies inside your bedroom; and beckons to your soul to take a journey upon the seas of Somnus. May you journey safely and smoothly.