We love to get dressed up on every occasion. We are so mindful of how we look, and as they say, what we wear is who we are. We may not be a self-proclaimed fashionista who from time to time changes clothing; but, with all four seasons we get to enjoy, we definitely own a lot of clothes – and that calls for a reliable and can-fit-all wardrobe.


Britannica.com has shared a good brief history of wardrobe. It was used by the renowned English writer Geoffrey Chaucer to mean a lavatory, and it meant a room or apartment for some time. The one we call wardrobe today was known to be a press, which was divided into two parts-one for hanging clothes and the other for laying them flat. It was in the 17th century that the term wardrobe was accepted to characterise as the furniture used to store clothes with emphasis on heavy carvings on and around the doors was replaced by intricate veneers and marquetry. Wardrobes have been integrated into the panelling of bedrooms in several cases. By the end of the 18th century, the wardrobes usually consisted of a dressing press flanked by slightly recessed cupboards. In the 19th century, the mass development of furniture coupled with people getting more clothes led to the attachment of great importance to the wardrobe as a piece of bedroom furniture. Wardrobes were massively and ornately built and were typically part of a bedroom suite consisting of drawers, a washstand, a dressing table and a bed. It was in the 1860s that a mirror was mounted on the outside of the central door of the wardrobes, still visible in the 20th century. Wardrobes were often called closets by contemporary fashion.


Wardrobes can be custom-made or ready-made. Custom-made wardrobes are those that have been fully-built, made-to-measure, and designed to maximise space, whereas ready-made wardrobes are those that have been fully-assembled and are often known as flat packs. It is best to consider the pros and cons when deciding which sort of wardrobe to install.

Custom-made Timber Wardrobe
Pros: The wardrobe is tailored to your preference. Prior to wardrobe manufacturing and installation, you can dictate the size, design, and materials to be used. Quality is guaranteed. Space optimisation involves using every inch of your room, irrespective of its shape.
Cons: Relatively expensive because the cost will include the sourcing of the materials to be used and the employment of contractors to manufacture and instal them. It takes time to build because of the normal turnaround time for manufacturing and installation by contractors.

Flat Packs Timber Wardrobe
Pros: Ready-made and does not take time to assemble and install. Depends on the materials used, it is much cheaper than the custom-made.
Cons: Cannot be personalised. While there are wardrobes that are now manufactured for irregular shaped spaces, it is tedious to outsource the same and may cost much more. Although manufacturers of flat packs have standard quality controls, overall performance can be influenced by the materials used, handling and storage.

Both custom and ready-made wardrobes have pros and cons. Which one is better will depend solely on the user’s preferences and limitations. But for all your wooden wardrobe needs, Habitat Furniture provides a wide range of beautiful wooden wardrobes that are budget-friendly and high quality guaranteed.



Buying a solid timber wardrobe that is built with doors and drawers is structurally more stable and solid and you don’t need to worry about putting it together. Just leave it up to the delivery guys to deliver it in the spot you want. Whereas a flatpack is manufactured in parts, will take you hours to put it together, it isn’t structurally sound which means it won’t last long.

Some key elements in building a timber wardrobe, is measure your space, see how many drawers and doors you need, how many shelves do you need. A large wardrobe may need to be built in 2 pieces depending on size as its too heavy to carry and also to deliver into your home. Habitat Furniture Warehouse Belfield can advise you on your timber wardrobe needs and provide free measure and quotes. Moreover, Habitat Furniture provides a wide range of beautiful wooden wardrobes that are budget-friendly and high quality guaranteed for all your wooden wardrobe needs.