Big beautiful Burwood, NSW, 2134, I walk your streets and boulevards. I know your history and I know your secrets, which have long been locked away. Captain Thomas Rowley called his allocation of land, Burwood Farm. His estate stretched from, what we now know as, Parramatta Road to Nicholson Street and The Boulevarde. Burwood Villa was built in 1814, the very first house on the block. The Superintendent of Police, Dr John Dulhunty, lived there from 1826-28. His boy Robert founded the town of Dubbo. Burwood was one of the first six stops on the Sydney to Parramatta railway line. What about the furniture stores in Burwood, I hear you say? What about entertainment units, dining tables and wardrobes?

Imagine the Fine Furniture Inside Burwood’s Federation Houses

Well, The Priory on Burwood Road was furnished tastefully, as was Gayton, the home of Richard Jones MLC. Did you know that you can travel on The Appian Way in Burwood? This street was described as the finest stretch of Federation houses in the whole of Australia. You can imagine the fine furniture inside these architectural beauties. Close your eyes and run your fingertips over dining tables, chairs, desks and bedroom furniture. Feel the smooth finish and trace the wood grain whorls.

Habitat Furniture Services Burwood

Habitat Furniture is conveniently located at 131 Madeline Street, Belfield. Our range of Australian made furniture is second to none. If tasteful and well-made is your metier, then, we can show you an array of unique timber furniture. Our entertainment units are world class. Come and see the new standard in furniture excellence in Burwood and beyond. We have high quality hand-built furniture for every room in your home or place of business. Beautiful pieces of furniture inspire good living. Surround yourself with attractive structures, which are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We Have Been Making Great Pieces for Our Burwood Clients

A furniture store and a place where classic furniture is crafted from quality local materials. A source for tasteful and brilliantly designed tables, beds, chairs, bookcases, desks, dressers, tallboys, and more. Habitat Furniture has been making great pieces for our Burwood clients for many years and helping them furnish their houses and apartments. We take that extra step to ensure that you are happy with your choice and nothing is too much trouble. We are passionate about furniture for Australians. We use homegrown materials. We design and manufacture the best timber furniture in Sydney.