Lakemba is one of the most multicultural locales in Australia. This south-western Sydney suburb is a true melting pot, full of vibrant people and their exquisite cuisines. Greeks and Italians have been joined by the Lebanese, Bangladeshis, Indians, and Pakistanis. Together, we are all Australians under the one flag celebrating our lives on this great southern land. The colours and dress codes, seen on Lakemba’s streets, are diverse and culturally different to some other Sydney suburbs. Fresh produce can be found on display outside the shops along its main boulevards, contributing to the carnival like atmosphere. This is no drab Anglo-Saxon affair, this is eastern colour and culture in a myriad of flavours and forms. Furniture stores servicing Lakemba: Coffee Tables, Entertainment Units & Wardrobes must appeal to a wide variety of tastes and aesthetics.

Habitat Furniture Warehouse Services Lakemba

Habitat Furniture Warehouse at 131 Madeline Street, Belfield, is conveniently located to the denizens of Lakemba. We service their requirements for quality Australian-made furniture at value for money prices. We have the range and the ability to customise many features to meet the diverse demand from our south-western Sydney-based customers. Choose from a selection of colour choices. Have your new furniture piece matched to your existing furniture. Whatever you want we can do it for you. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements or to find out more.

Custom Made Timber Furniture

We have wonderful things for your living room, study room, dining room, bedroom and more. Check out our tasteful dressers, desks, wardrobes, entertainment units, coffee tables, hall tables, book cases, pantries, toy boxes, chests, beds, and much more. Custom made timber furniture to inspire our Lakemba based clients. Enjoy stylish furniture, which is made to last. You will be delighted at the quality and surprised by the value for money.

Come & See Us

Come and visit us at our conveniently located furniture warehouse. Enjoy the space and comfort of our facility, whilst you peruse our extensive range of timber furniture. We craft the very best furniture for your home or business. At Habitat Furniture Warehouse, we can create unique pieces just for you. We can make exactly what you want perfectly. We are your furniture store for Lakemba and surrounding suburbs.