Roselands and shopping have history. This south-west Sydney suburb was home to the third fully enclosed shopping mall in Australia. This shopping centre was built on the site of a golf course. Roselands was a major attraction for the residents of the City of Canterbury Bankstown. Grace Brothers used to reside within Roselands, before morphing into Myers. Furniture stores in Roselands have helped thousands of locals to furnish their homes for better or worse. We all need beds, tables, chairs, sofas, and entertainment units to equip our houses and apartments with the basic necessities of life. Tasteful and well-designed, Australian made furniture can turn an ordinary home into a castle for each and every one of us. Furniture Stores Roselands: Entertainment Units, Dining Tables & Wardrobes made here.

Australian Made Quality Furniture

At Habitat Furniture Warehouse we not only manufacture beautiful furniture, we, also, sell quality stuff at great prices. We are conveniently located at 131 Madeline Street, Belfield. We are open 7 days. We invite you to check out our:

Entertainment Units

Australian handmade quality timber. Entertainment units with colour choices and. just tell us the measurements required and we will build to your size. Do you want drawers or doors? Whatever you require we can do.


Timber quality Australian handmade bookcases. Just tell us your size and how many shelves required. We will build to your measurement. Do you have many books to store but would like to display them? Come and give us your measurements and we will build quality Australian made timber bookcases to fit your space.

Chest of Drawers

Solid timber chest of drawers in any configuration. Tall or low, as many drawers as you wish. We will build to your size specifications.

Filing Cabinets

Beautifully hand-crafted timber filing cabinets and their all Australian made!. Do you need 2 or 3 or 4 drawer filing cabinets to store your necessary documents at home or office. All crafted from Pine and Tasmanian Oak timbers in choices of colours. We can even colour match to your existing furniture.

Why Choose Habitat Furniture Warehouse?

We are a home-based furniture business who proudly supports Australian and local industries that build Entertainment units, Entertainment Units, Dining Tables, Wardrobes, Bedroom Furniture, Entertainment Units, Coffee Tables, Book Cases, Chests & Bedsides, Entertainment Units and hall tables.

Not all furniture stores support the Australian manufacturers.

You have the choice of Pine and Tasmanian Oak timbers that can be stained or painted white. Some people love the mix of both on their Entertainment Units which looks amazing. All these can be built in your size to fit your space. Customised timber furniture maker.

Information on Timber Used.

Oak is a hardwood while pine is classed as softwood. This means that oak is heavier, denser and is more wear resistant. Oak generally is light-coloured, ranging from straw to light reddish brown. It has warmer hues compared to pine. Whereas the colour of pine ranges from white to creamy white to yellowish with a mixture of dark and light hues. Pine also has a reputation for exhibiting knots and other natural flaws. Most types of oak have a pronounced grain pattern than that seen in Pine. When you touch an oak door, you are likely to feel some type of texture because of its heavy grain, while pine door will usually be smooth to the touch.

Oak trees grow slowly while pine has a faster rate of growth. This characteristic influences the cost of each wood variety. Oak is much more expensive as growers invest a lot of time tending the tree. Since pine grows faster, growers are able to sell this wood variety at a cheaper price. You can justify spending more money on oak furniture as it is harder wearing than pine. However, a great selling point for pine furniture is that this is more affordable.

Habitat Furniture Warehouse has your furniture stores Roselands requirements covered. Come in and see us today!