Strathfield is a multicultural mecca in the inner-west of Sydney. It began with European colonisation in 1793 and the land granted to James Wilshire, which became the Redmire Estate. Redmire was renamed Strathfield in 1886. The word ‘strath’ is from the Gaelic ‘srath’, meaning large valley. A number of the suburb’s large mansions, built in previous centuries, have been turned into private schools, including Trinity Grammar, Santa Sabina, and Meriden School. Strathfield is recognised as a regional centre for education in Sydney. The suburb is home to many Chinese, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese migrants. Furniture stores Strathfield: Entertainment units, dining tables and wardrobes are made here.

Quality Australian Made Furniture

You can come to Strathfield to source quality Australian made furniture. As a retail centre for many of the surrounding suburbs it offers a great range of things like entertainment units, dining tables and wardrobes. Warehouse furniture, manufactured in Australia, is available in the greater area, ensuring great deals on well-made items of furniture. People from all walks of life are taking advantage of the tasteful designs and superior workmanship inherent in these beautiful pieces of furniture. Why buy cheap overseas rubbish, when you can access great local stuff at competitive prices?

Conveniently Located in Belfield

Furniture stores Strathfield: Entertainment units, dining tables and wardrobes, which are made here to exacting standards. Wooden furniture you cannot help reaching out to touch, to stroke the beautiful surfaces, and to bear witness to the wood grain. You may, even, whisper, “wow” under your breath, depending on your personality. OMG moments are not rare in this furniture factory or warehouse in Belfield, which is conveniently located near to Strathfield. Habitat Furniture is situated at 131 Madeline Street, Belfield.

Beautiful Timber Entertainment Units

Our TV screens are getting bigger and bigger, but, also, slimmer and slimmer, which means they need to be properly housed in a tasteful entertainment unit. Nobody wants to inhabit a room which is dominated by a giant TV screen at all hours of the day, unless you are a teenage boy. Big Brother may be watching you my friend. Beautifully designed and built, timber entertainment units not only mask the massive screen, but are tasteful pieces of furniture in their own right. Strathfield homes are adorned by gorgeous examples of our furniture. They are enjoying the dual advantages of aesthetics and functionality in their homes and apartments right across the suburb.