All the talk has been about the return of dark furniture, after years of blondes ruling the roost when it comes to interior décor. Darren Palmer, judge on The Block, has gone out on a limb to declare: “Darker pieces of furniture are on the rise again – we will see plenty of richer and darker tones in 2017”. So, was he right or not? Well, it is probably too early to tell, but there are indications that the tide is turning in some interior spaces in homes and businesses across Sydney. The cutting edge is always first to set the scene for changes and, then, the rest of us take some time to take up the cudgel and beat a new tune.

How Have the Top Predicted Trends in Interior Design Fared in 2017?

Green is in! Don’t wait to be green with envy, go green within before the hoi polloi get onto this new trend. Dark timber and green tones are a match, according to interior designers and commentators. The opposing colour to green is orange, of course, so terracotta is the perfect contrasting match to all that green. I can see it now, darling, dark timber trimmings and furniture with terracotta walls and green glass features. It is a scene dripping with elegance and beauty.

Dark timber furniture putting its best foot forward in coffee tables, consoles, cabinets, beds and side tables. Dining tables, naturally, will feature prominently and enrich your home with some gravitas and veritas. Wood speaks to the soul. Surround yourself with beautiful timber furniture and you will live well. Human beings and trees are inextricably linked. Enjoy the look and feel of superbly crafted wooden furniture within your domestic abode in 2017 and beyond. A beautiful piece of wooden furniture can last a lifetime; start your relationship today.

Nomadic motifs are big in 2017, with ceramics and woven baskets making some earthy statements in homes and businesses around the country. A return to simpler values and away from designer bling and labels. Interior design trends are all about essence and raw examples of creativity. The yearning to reconnect with nature in our houses and their rooms. Artisan furniture and furnishings, like tribal rugs and woven mats are making their presence felt. Wood is the natural choice for furniture; and the darker tones are defining scenes within interior spaces.