Watching cooking shows and competitions has long been a favourite pastime of Australians. Since food is an important part of the Australian culture, this form of entertainment offers a new side of how we appreciate food and dining. One of the TV shows that made waves in the Australian food culture is My Kitchen Rules. For 7 years, MKR is bringing new recipes, a dash of drama and a spoonful of entertainment in our homes. In addition, My Kitchen Rules influences taste in dining furniture, too.

How My Kitchen Rules Influences Taste In Dining Furniture

One way to make the food stand out is to ensure that the dining tables, chairs and cooking spaces are as conventional as possible. That’s why MKR is having a positive impact on wooden furniture – its classic and comfortable style is experiencing a Renaissance. Moreover, the stylish dining tables in the set impel the home viewers to be creative when refurbishing their dining space.

When choosing a dining furniture, some of you probably have been inspired by the furnishings and fixtures that you see on MKR. That being said, there are a lot of elements to consider when choosing the perfect dining furniture. One of which is the size of your dining area.

Dining tables come in all forms of shapes and dimensions. The common dilemma would be to go for a rectangular table or a round one. If your dining area is a bit cramped, opt for round tables. Not only that they will fit just right in the room, but they are also ideal for intimate gatherings. In MKR, most of the dining tables featured are rectangular in shape. One, it looks grand on TV. Two, it is adaptable and extendable. And three, it works well with a typical modern dining area.

According to the University of South Australia’s School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, the growth of reality cooking programs has an effect on the viewers’ cooking habits and dietary preference. The recipes being shown in these shows comprise a huge part of the nutritional landscape of the Australians. My Kitchen Rules is no exception. Truth be told, My Kitchen Rules influences taste in dining furniture, too.