Wouldn’t it be great to have a glamorous living room? One of the ways to make it happen is to transform your humble coffee table into a centrepiece. Research shows that turning the attention of your guests to something gorgeous it the centre of the room makes them appreciate the beauty of your home. What we are talking about is a coffee table that is resting right in the middle of your sofas and takes up all the attention of your visitors.

A coffee table is more than just a coffee table. It serves various purposes and will make a great and attractive addition to your living area. Your coffee table can also be a sore in the eyes and wishy-washy if you are impetuous when decorating your coffee table. Here are some ideas on how to metamorphose a humble coffee table into a centrepiece.

How to Turn the Humble Coffee Table into a Centrepiece

A striking coffee table gives off an interesting vibe in the living room and provides brilliant ideas for console tables and alike. In decorating your living room, you can use sea shells, small indoor plants, ornamental vases, and fresh flower arrangements. These decórs can be used to embellish the natural beauty of your coffee table. Do you want to transform your humble coffee table into a centrepiece? Listed are some ideas you may want to work with.

  • Stack your books or splay them.

Stacking your books on your coffee table might sound cliché, but it definitely adds character to your coffee table. In addition, books make a good conversation starter. You can change your book display every month depending on your theme. Alternatively, you can use your books as a low base by splaying them neatly underneath.

  • Decorate it with a tray.

If you have a massive coffee table, putting a tray on top of it will break up the surface; thus, making it appear more proportionate. Aside from its merit in terms of style, a tray also serves as a practical way of organising things on your coffee table. It can be used in stacking books, candles, personal effects, and other things.

  • Enliven with flowers and/or plants.

Adding flower arrangements or plants on your coffee table will break up the dullness in your living area. For those who want to avoid high-maintenance flowers, an excellent alternative would be planted succulents and terrariums. Position them right in the center for an organic and hassle-free option of bringing some life into your home.