For many Australians, living in the premier city, Sydney, space is an issue, as property values define where we live and how much that costs us. There is no denying that the harbour city is one of the great metropolises in the world. Unfortunately, greatness, often, comes at a cost, and that can challenge our interior design opportunities. Luckily there are brilliant furniture solutions for these spatial challenges and dilemmas that we face. I suppose that good designers take on board the many types of situations and circumstances in which their furniture pieces may find themselves.

Form & Function Blend Seamlessly

The furniture must fit the home or office it lives in. Quality wooden furniture defines the spaces that house it, in my experience. The form and function blend seamlessly to make the perfect design statement. Take for example, the entertainment unit, which is, usually, the cabinet that bears the large flat screen and associated home theatre units. This is a particularly important piece of furniture in any home, as it is designed to complement large electronic equipment. These hi fi boxes, speakers and screen are given a unity within the tasteful design of the wooden entertainment unit.

Fulfils its Role with Style

The console or hall table is another piece of furniture designed specifically for its spatial environment. The hall is, often, narrow and space is at a premium in this location within the home. Thus, the console table is shallow in depth but longer to meet the shape of the hall. It echoes the spatial nature of its environs. The hall table in timber makes a distinctive design statement in homes and fulfils its role with style and aplomb. It is another example of an interior design dilemma resolved succinctly.

Tailor Made to Fit Your Home

The pantry cupboard has a rich tradition in houses down through the ages. A beautiful timber pantry can provide the perfect home to your food storage requirements and do it in style to boot. This special cupboard can be tailor made to fit your home exactly. It can be a solution to all your culinary ingredient storage needs. The storage box or wooden chest is another timeless reminder of our rich histories. This furniture item has graced many different cultures and civilisations. It is another clever example of interior design dilemmas resolved.  Wooden furniture is timeless and beautiful.