I like the above title, its alliteration and rhythmic syllabic structure. It also suggests that ‘dining’ is going the way of the Dodo. That it soon will be an extinct beast; and that houses may not be built with dining rooms in the future. We have had the song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”, well, TV has killed the dining room. Families and lonely people rarely eat their meals in the dining room, instead, they plonk themselves down in front of the idiot box. Or, their computer or tablet, and they eat in front of a monitor screen.

The Disappearing Dining Room: Adapting Furniture Choices in Shrinking Interiors

Do I hear your grandmother scream and turn in her grave? What about the correct etiquette for dining? It has been ‘boned’ in the great tradition of expedient living. The disappearing dining room: Adapting furniture choices in shrinking interiors. Some experts, also, point the bone at the great cost of real estate in the twenty first century, here in Sydney. Identifying the shrinking space within apartments and inner city houses, as culprit for the doing away with outmoded rooms. In studio apartments, it is kitchens, which have mysteriously absconded to alternative dimensions.

So, it all comes down to your choice of furniture, in your amended living space. Smart selections are the key to taking advantage of this novos territorialus. It is a new world and this new stage demands fresh furniture ideas. Check out these in-house links to some dining furniture. As homo sapiens, we still need to eat, and eating in style and comfort is what it is all about. Dining furniture, now, comes in a multitude of forms and functional properties. Couch dining is moving beyond pizza and the usual fast food suspects. You need to have the infrastructure to support your dining habits in this new realm.

Could this move be viewed as a return to ancient Roman dining fashions, where everyone (who wasn’t a slave of course) lay about on couches. The Romans did not have TV, but were served dinner on their couches by their slaves. Technology is our modern equivalent of the house slave, with our remote controls at the ever ready. The death of the formal dining room at home, means that dining tables now come in all shapes and sizes. You might require a low table for two, or multiple low tables for one.