Timber Dressers Transcend Eras: The Timeless Sense of History

Timber Dressers

The timber dresser is primarily used for storing clothes in a bedroom or walk-in robe. Often, a mirror is placed above this waist high cabinet of drawers. Wooden bedroom furniture really comes into its own in this setting. There is something about timber structures, such as these, which speaks to the human condition. Timber dressers transcend eras: The timeless sense of history permeates every fibre. One longs to caress the smooth surface of a finely crafted piece of wooden furniture, especially in the bedroom. The tactile nature of wood and our own sensuality come together in the perfect marriage of natures.

Living Things Preserved in Timber

Whorls and grains are poetry in wood, enchanting the viewer. They are the markings of living things preserved in timber. Hand-made wooden dressers delight the senses of the supine human being. Pre-sleep we are inclined toward the natural and best served by an age-old friend. Keep me safe from electro-magnetic waves and plastics. Whisper to me secrets from the forest and pre-iron age certainties. Enclose my delicates in your dependable drawers. Protect my sweaters and garments from tooth and claw. These timber dressers transcend eras: The timeless sense of history unfurls before us.

The Finish, the Lacquer, the Stain

Have you ever noticed the bedroom furniture in scenes from your favourite movies? The love scene mounts in intensity and the camera pans across the bedroom. Can you see the timber dresser beneath the mirror? The beauty and the elegant structure? Everything perfectly placed in its exact spot. The sensual surface of such superior material put together by talented cabinet makers. The finish, the lacquer, the stain. I kneel down before the woodworker’s skill and sensitive touch. I go to the feet of the wrinkled octogenarian still wearing his leather apron in the heat of summer.

Of course, social media strategy can also embrace historicism, according to my editor. The superficial channel of the self-obsessed knows no truth but its own concerns. The art of transcending eras is a perennial theme in George Orwell’s 1984. History has been whitewashed by totalitarianism – a little bit each day. Can you remember a time before you owned a mobile phone or computer? What you did with each moment of your day? Perhaps, folding your dry washing away in your bedroom dresser? Or dusting its timber surface prior to vacuuming the floor? Ah such whimsical reflection upon another time and era.