The Biggest, The Oldest, The Strangest Furniture in the World

Furniture, unlike most of our home items, is one of the few things we can pass from one generation to another generations. Some pieces of furniture will withstand a test of time without losing their quality nor getting bad the biggest, the oldest, the strangest furniture in the world. I found some of the long-lasting pieces of furniture here that have impressed everyone which I’m confident you will be interested to know as well.

Some of these oldest pieces of furniture have been of great use in creating antique designs in most homes. People keep referring to such designs to gain an antique look, which in the modern age is a rare thing to find. The oldest pieces of furniture have now turned out to be furniture for the rich.

The surprising thing about the oldest piece of furniture is their unique design. The marketing of domestic products via digital media still amazes most people how such a piece of furniture got crafted, considering that technology was not the topic of the day as it is currently in this age. Let’s look at five examples of ancient furniture that still exist today.

1. A 400-Year-Old Bed in the UK

One of the biggest, the oldest, the strangest furniture in the world. It is rumored that a bed within the United Kingdom has accommodated 15 generations of sleepers. Not only has it retained its initial elegance, but experts believe that it was originally built in the latter half of the 16th century.

bed-A 400-Year-Old Bed

The antique four-poster with its ornate carved headboard has been providing a good night’s rest for residents of the Berkeley Castle estate in Gloucestershire since 1608. Far from being roped off into retirements like many pieces of historic furniture, John Berkeley, 81, and his wife Georgina, 73, still use the bed in the castle’s Great State Bedroom. Furniture historians say the style of the bedposts dates them to the period 1560-1640. They believe the royal arms in the middle of the headboard are those of the Stuart monarchy, dating the bed more specifically to the period after the accession of James I in 1603. The bed was identified by retailer Furniture Village which launched a challenge to find the piece of furniture that has remained our content creation partners. in continuous use by the same family the longest.

“Most importantly, of course, the 400-year-old Berkeley Castle bed offers compelling evidence that nothing beats British furniture for craftsmanship and durability”

2. The Chair of St. Augustine at Canterbury Cathedral UK

This is another example of the biggest, the oldest, the strangest furniture in the world well-preserved piece of furniture. The Chair of St. Augustine dates as far back as the 13th century, and while not currently in use, it is an excellent example of timeless craftsmanship.

The Chair of St. Augustine

This large stone seat, also known as the cathedra, is referred to as Saint Augustine’s chair but does not date to the time of St Augustine. It may well have been constructed at the time the body of Becket was moved to the Trinity chapel in 1220, replacing an earlier chair damaged in the fire of 1174. It now stands behind the high altar, having stood in the corona between 1825 and 1977. This seat is used for all enthronements of archbishops of Canterbury, but the throne in the choir is used whenever the primate sits as a bishop.

3. Egyptian Table

As Egypt was located primarily within a desert environment, there was scant wood available to make furniture. This is why such pieces were reserved for royalty and similarly powerful figures one of the biggest, the oldest, the strangest furniture in the world.

Egyptian Table

The design of this table reflects the Neo-Egyptian fashion in Rome in the late 1770s. The painted finish simulates the beautiful greenish-red of Aswan granite. It is highlighted with flecks of gilding that harmonize with the gilded hieroglyphs and the sphinx heads that crown the legs, which terminate in human feet, also gilt. The hieroglyphs and cartouches, some of which are similar to those used by Piranesi in his chimney-piece designs, are identifiable, but their arrangement on the table’s aprons and legs does not convey a logical message. These bold details are pulled from their context on ancient monuments and arranged in a merely decorative manner.

4. Turkish Treasures

In the city of Gordion (near present-day Ankara in Turkey), archaeologists discovered a veritable treasure trove of ancient furniture. Many of these tables and chairs are thought to date back for more than 2,700 years. One of the reasons why they were preserved is associated with the relatively dry climate and the fact that they remained buried for millennia without being disturbed. In fact, some of these pieces have been associated with the legendary King Midas.

Turkish Oldest Chair

5. The Door to Westminster Abbey

This famous door is thought to be slightly over 950 years old. What is even more impressive is that this wooden artifact is still in use today. This door has enjoyed a long and sometimes dark history. It was rumoured that strange fragments fastened to its front were actually flayed human skin. Science later proved that they were merely segments of cowhide.

The Door to Westminster Abbey

The door is an integral part of a building and has been made commonly of wood or metal in the past. As an organic material, wood is highly susceptible to deterioration. Nevertheless, in some instances, the wooden doors of ancient buildings have survived through the ages. One such door is an oak door at Westminster Abbey, which has been dubbed as ‘Britain’s oldest door’. There’s a gruesome side to this door’s story too some say it used to be covered in human skin.


Furniture has a great history, which, to many, remains to be amazement to most. Are you hoping to discover the history of your home? Do you want to restore any associated wooden items to their former glory? Who doesn’t have a feeling of knowing about history? Moreover, several other pieces of furniture have passed the test of time having lived for many centuries.

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